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Somehow we find that there is always a project to be done. Whether that be painting, cleaning, snow removal, event planning or anything else, Ask Kathey is your go to guide for the best help in town.

Ask Kathey is a fully vetted reference guide to businesses in the FM area that are going to provide you with the best service possible. All businesses associated with the Ask Kathey campaign have been interviewed and have the Ask Kathey stamp of approval, only the best services are approved and promoted through this vendor list. This way we know that our customers are only receiving necessary and top end services for the project they look to complete. Our vendor list continues to grow, so for Ask Kathey no project or problem is too big or too small.

When you need a task done and see unlimited options for businesses whom want to serve you, contact Ask Kathey and we will guide you to the best outcome possible. Our team will get you to the right vendor who will give you that five star service you are looking for. Our website is near completion, a safe place for you to search for the right fit for you. If you have more questions about a company you can also contact us directly as we have a personal partnership with each vendor making every task meaningful and unique, not just another one for the books.

Ask Kathey is hear to serve you and promote only the best! We look forward to getting you to your trustworthy, top end service provider.

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