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Give Back this Holiday Season

When you think of winter, you think of the holidays coming such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year is a great time to give back. My Professional Concierge is honored to be giving back to the ones in need this year.

If you haven’t heard yet, the Arthur Barn, formerly known as the Johnson Barn, in Arthur burned down on October 26th leaving nothing behind. This barn created lasting memories for many since 1952. That’s 65 years of memories from barn goers that love to dance, brides and grooms celebrating their big day, and to family members cherishing moments that will last a lifetime. What would be better than giving back to a community that was built from this barn? You could be one to help join the cause as well!

Raise the Barn has been created to help rebuild the barn. Several businesses have already come together to start fundraising money needed to help the owners, Julie and Delon Cahoon, to rebuild. The plans for the new barn will be built with custom commemorative elements that will live on with the barn. Three business owners will help come up with the custom designs. My Professional Concierge has stepped in to help them as well and you can too!

Why should you help Raise The Barn? Insurance did not cover the full cost to rebuild the barn, so becoming a sponsor or donating/fundraising money to this cause would be greatly appreciated to not only barn dancers and families, but also to the bands that got the chance to play the music they love at the barn.

This is a very unique sponsorship opportunity that the media will be following with very closely. If you would like to be apart of this holidays giving back with Raise The Barn please reach out to Lisa Gigler at

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