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This one time, at an event...

Recently, My Professional Concierge has been out and about at events. Whether it be for the 100 inc. or for Business After Hours, we are always attending events. Have you had the opportunity to ever see the hat ladies at an event? Well, you WILL now!

We are without a doubt, the "wearing many hats" women. In the business world, we are known as the "many hats ladies" which perfectly describes My Professional Concierge as a whole. If you know us well, you know we offer many different services to cater to not only you, but also your business needs.

Even though these events are all fun and games, we are still attending to network and grow our businesses. I highly suggest the next time you see us, the "many hats ladies," to stop and have a conversation with us! We can gladly help you develop your business into exactly what you have been envisioning whether it be for bookkeeping, cleaning, administrative assistant, marketing, catering, etc. We always say, if you name it, we can do it!

If you need an extra little push, check out our testimonials on our website or even the picture below! They both will be a great reminder for you that you truly do need us without even realizing it! The nice thing is that you can keep us as little or often as you would like!

We can't wait to hear from you and your business soon! Contact Kathey today to start working side by side with My Professional Concierge to create the kind of business you want for you and your life.

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